Process and Thoughts behind a Loaded Bracelet

 I thought I would talk a little bit about how and what goes into each bracelet I make. Today I’ll use Dean as an example because he is the the bracelet I’m currently working on. So with all my bracelets I start by telling a story, what charms I have that work with that character or theme. I am aware its just a bracelet but its really more then that, because if your a fan I want you to know what that represents if your not I still want that piece to look good on your wrist. 

So that’s what I am really trying to accomplish with my designs. I started with a metal stamping of Dean’s Name. Right away I want you to see that and know its Dean. Not to mention it reminds me of the old ID bracelets and I’m a fan of that look. So I mixed that into the charm bracelet for the SPN bracelets all of them will carry that theme but of course I can custom make them as well to look like a normal charm bracelet. This one I used my typewriter font and a gun to make it extra cool for Dean. 

Here i have all the charms and my beads laid out and ready to work 

Next what I like to do is paint the charms that need to be painted, If I can paint something to make it look more like my fandom I’m going to that’s why Dean’s car is black because if your going to make a all things Dean Winchester Bracelet you need to make sure its all things Dean winchester. His Impala is his baby so that’s the first thing I was focused on, next I added a few more charms for him his love of pie, how he always has a beer in his hand and his cell phone, Can’t call Castiel, Sam or Bobby if you don’t have a cell phone. I also have a key for him as a key to his impala, a bullet, like Dean is ever unarmed, and vampire fang mostly I did this because he is always hunting. That’s part of his life so I didn’t want to leave that out the same with a gravestone, it's in his blood. And last but not least we have a cassette tape, We know he gave Castiel a mixtape and he never really got into the CD’s or the ipods so the true Dean Winchester would be a cassette tape.


I put them all together and then added my beads. Here I chose a shiny light green bead and black. Supernatural isn’t known for its overly good colors but Dean is very green to me. Castiel is very light blue and Sam is Dark blue. However with made to order I can do any color or theme. So it's a matter of telling me what you want.  I’m always happy to make custom orders. 

At the very end we have the finished product and it's ready for its home. I have really enjoyed making all my charm bracelets, I find it compelling to tell a story with a piece of jewelry. In the future I plan on making a huge neverland bracelet with a ton of charms because I have so many for Peter Pan. I also intend on doing Cast Bracelets for characters on Supernatural that don’t get much love. Bobby, Crowley, Rowena, Charlie and Gabriel will be the next ones you will start to see show up in the site.  I think they will be a blast to create. 

That being said I’m always looking for what you want to see so feel free to comment and let me know. I’m new at this blogging thing but I thought it might be a fun way to write about things. I would like to do some tutorials. So look for those in the future. I’ve never done one so I’d like to know what you want to see. I could do a shrink plastic one? Or perhaps a button making one? I don’t know what you guys want to see. I also could do one on my new bottled graces? Skipping the resin part because I know you can google how to make resin and like there are so many people that have you covered there. 

My next project is to make some poison label bottles. So perhaps this might be what you want to see. Let me know in the comments I’ll be sure to read them. I’m also working on t shirts and things in the future. So hopefully that will pan out in the next few months because I’ve had a heat press in my basement for a year untouched. I also now have an engraver so your going to see metal engraving in addition to the stamping. I still prefer the stamping because I like the deep impressions.

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