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So I've never done a blog before but I thought with the new year it might be fun to start, I wanted to talk about my process here a bit and talk about some of the people that help me here in the shop. I have a lot of artist I work with which is really rewarding because I get to use a lot of different art styles and work that I normally wouldn't be able to do. 

The current artist in my shop are 

Cris - From Brazil there art is very simple and adorable they created the losers for the bracelets and the studs as well as the star trek stud earrings. More work from her will be coming soon. 

Meg- Follow her here. There isn't a ton of work from Meg but there will be soon as this year she has agreed to design for me. So far you will see her work in the Loser Club Print which will be up again starting soon. 

Clever - Is working on even more chibi's for us so far she has done, Buffy, Angel ( which is coming soon as well) Hocus Pocus, witcher, and Harley Quinn. Her style is very adorable and I look forward to putting her art on more products in the future. Such as pins and coffee mugs! Supernatural ship chibi's are next in line and will be coming soon as well as Wanda Vision. 

El They haven't been very active but this year we hope to see some art from them. They are working on Lock and Key Art and I am not okay with this. For this year in the shop 

Su works on the shipping ship boxes with me and you will find her art all over the site she drew the famous harley and joker Bff necklace as well as the Finn and Poe chibi. 

Devy I am the owner and creator of Nerdy Robots Jewelry, all the jewelry designs in the shop come from me. I enjoy telling a story with my pieces and I have so many fandoms. I'm always around for questions and custom orders. 

Studio Tour -I lived in a 153 year old farm house and I work up stairs in my studio most nights and days so I thought I would show you around a bit. 



This is my stamping, drilling and inking part of my desk. Everything in the drawers is charms and beads. Sorted by fandom. I also have my drill here for resin and metal, and my metal stamps. 

This is my desk where I create most of my items I am a huge IT fan if you can't tell and my IT stuff is up here on my desk as well. This is the space you can fine me the most. I am usually sitting here creating or working on my next project. 

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I just had my floor redone so I will post new photos later. In this blog I want to show off a little of my process and I will have tutorials later as well. I hope this to be a space where we can share ideas and talk about fandom. Also please tell me what you want to see in the future. 


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