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Spy Fam Loaded Bracelet

Spy Fam Loaded Bracelet

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With Spy Family getting an anime adaptation we figured we should make the main three bracelets!
Each character's bracelet includes a metal circle with their name hand stamped

Loid- Loid's colors are green, teal, dark red, and tan. His charms include a briefcase to represent the one that he has, a grenade to reference the scene where he proposes to Yor with the ring off of the grenade, a gun, a tie, a car, and a book to reference the cover of the first manga volume and since he is frequently seen with reading materials as clues for his mission

Yor- Yor's colors are red, gold, and black. Her charms include a sharp point that looks like a thorn since her alias name is thorn princess, a grenade to reference the scene where Loid proposes to her with the ring off of the grenade, a coffin since she thinks about killing people a lot, a rose to represent the inside of the red dress that she wears since it has a rose pattern on the inside, a dagger since she has lots of weapons and a broom since she is proficient in cleaning

Anya- Anya's colors are light pink, green, and gray. Her charms include a book since she is a student at Eden College, a bag of peanuts since she's often seen eating peanuts and peanuts are her favorite food, a mug since she loves to drink hot cocoa, and a T.V since she watches a spy show and it is part of why she finds Loid so interesting, a bow similar to the one that she wears on her black dress, and a gun since hse loves that the spy in her spy show has a pistol with a silencer

Bracelet is 8 inches and can be made in any size.
Due to the handmade nature of your item, there might be slight differences from the above photo. I will do my best to make it look the best.

Penny for the size.
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