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Love in the Air Couples Bracelets

Love in the Air Couples Bracelets

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Who is watching Love in the Air? It's amazing and I'm loving every moment I was dying to make bracelets for the main couples.

Sky and Pai bracelet has beautiful beads in shades of blue and silver, their charms are a laser engraved wind charm, ( if you're caught up you know why ) a jacket for Pai's jackets and how he barrows sky's clothes, a cloud, a sunflower, a motorcycle and a book for Sky's love of manga.

Rain and Payua ruler for the one that Payu gave rain, an umbrella for rain's name, a car, a book, a motorcycle, and a wrench for Payu's job.

Bracelets can be customized for any ship or drama, not just this one we have a lot of bracelets on the shop, Kinn Porsche, manner of Death, Tharn and Type and more.

bracelets are 8 inches but can be made in any size.
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