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Personal Cryptid Charcuterie boards

Personal Cryptid Charcuterie boards

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I really personally love these personal charcuterie boards, you can each have your own board to eat off of, we can customize them with any horror or geeky designs as well. We have this super cute Live Laugh Lurk board that was a hit at conventions its made with our, cute cryptids we had designed for us. You can get any cryptid from our stickers on the board just message us. But they can be made with all your favorite characters just let us know what you're looking for.

We have the following cryptids we can fit 3 on each board
Frenzo Nightcrawlers
Moth Man
Big Foot
Death Worm

Boards are bamboo and don't require any oiling or anything before eating off of them. They just need a quick wash with soap and water and you're ready to go.

Boards are about 8x5 so they are perfect for personal settings.
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