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K-Pop Stray Kids HyunLix and MinSung Loaded Bracelets

K-Pop Stray Kids HyunLix and MinSung Loaded Bracelets

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These are our SKZ Duo bracelets, everyone has their favorite duo in skz and we figured we would start with the two most popular!

The HyunLix bracelet features blue and white beads since those two colors are often associated with the pairing. The charms include an Eiffel tower, a sunflower, an ice cream, a camera, their homaika rings made out of resin, and a paintbrush.

The MinSung bracelet features blue, purple, and green-grey beads. The charms include a film reel, a small circle that says normal and one that says weird in reference to their 2 Kids Room episode, a volcano for Han's song, a cat, and a piece of pie/cheesecake

The Bracelet chain length is 8 inches

Penny for size

**There may be slight differences in beads and charms due to the handmade nature of the item and what is available to us at the time of the product being made**
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