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Hawkeye or Kate Inspired Loaded Bracelets

Hawkeye or Kate Inspired Loaded Bracelets

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Are you all loving the Hawkeye show!! I am so I wanted to get to work making some loaded bracelets for my two favorite Hawkeye's I made Kate and Clint. I already have a loaded black window in the shop if you need his other BFF.

Kate's bracelet was really fun to make I used light purple beads in three shades, then I did bright purple on the end beads. Her charms are a pizza, a laptop, a dog, a bow and arrow, a clock tower, and a first-place ribbon because she is always in first place.

Hawkeye's bracelet has black and dark purple beads with sliver/purple accents. His charms are a spider and arrow stamped charm for his relationship with Nat. an avengers charm, a shield charm, a few arrows, a bullseye, and a sword for his time as the ronin.

I can customize these however you would like, bracelets are about 8 inches can be made any length. Due to the handmade nature of your product, the beads and charms might not match the photos exactly but they will be very close.

This item is not Official Merchandise but a fan work inspired by the fandom.
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