Captain America, Winter Soldier or Peggy Carter Inspired Necklaces

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Cute idea for any Cap, Buck or Carter fan. I used charms that I hand painted and sealed for each of the necklace. They would make really fun Best Friend Necklaces or you could just by one for yourself.

  • Peggy Carter's features her hat painted to match what she wears in the show, with a gun and lipstick ( as we know that's her weapon and not just something to make her look fab ) Charms. I also added a small light blue crystal. 
  • Bucky/ Winter Soldier features a "I love my Soldier" Charm cause we all love to love him, a hand painted star charm like his arm. Also a big machine gun and a small red crystal charm.
  • Captain America features a hand-painted charm painted like his shield, a motorcycle and I love my soldier charm. Charms can be added or replaced if you would like.

If you want Peggy's to have a I love my soldier charm that can happen to :) Penny for the size. Thanks for looking.This item is not Official Marvel Merchandise but a fan work inspired by the fandom.