Nygmobblepot Inspired Loaded Charm Bracelet

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I finally got in all my charms in for my bracelets, so here are the Nygmobblepot bracelets they are loaded with charms. I used a green heart for the middle but if you're more into Os then Ed I can do a purple. I can also do just one color beads or any color you would like. The charms are as follows, Umbrella, penguin, question mark, bullet, gun, heart, wine glass, chopsticks ( for the chinese food), saw, cleaver, shovel, and car. Custom orders are loved, and check out my Edward, Oswald and Gotham bracelets in the shop. I can make this bracelet to your size if you add it in the notes other wise its about 8 inches can be clipped shorter as well. This item is not Official DC Merchandise but a fan work inspired by the fandom.