Penguin and Riddler Inspired Best Friend Necklaces

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Finally I got to make my two favorite villains from Gotham their own BFF Set. I used Riddler's Question mark with Penguin's umbrella. The Umbrella's are made out of Shrink Plastic, I also added a penguin charm on Oswald's side and a Question mark charm on Ed's side It's an awesome piece for anyone who likes these two as friends or even if you happen to ship them :) You can wear them together or give one to a friend! If you want other charms contact me. I also can make these as key chains to. Penny for the size Contact me for Custom orders. Not Waterproof Don't wear swimming or in the shower! I want to restate these are Shrink Plastic they are handmade as well! This item is not Official DC Merchandise but a fan work inspired by the fandom.