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Are you a shipper? Do you have an OTP? Do you have a lot of OTPs? Well, in the world of subscription boxes I haven't found any that are dedicated to ships so I've decided to pair up with Su to create our own boxes dedicated to all the shippers out there. The boxes will have different themes each month in two sizes. Boxes will come with all kinds of goodies; some examples are jewelry, plushies, fanart and more! Most of the items will be handmade and unique. You can see some examples up top keep in mind some of those boxes had a higher price point so they will have more items then these. We have current boxes left over from our HP shows we have the following boxes full of mystery items for you to enjoy all boxes are $25 and are 3 dollars for shipping. Check #shippingships or #shippingshipsboxes on Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram for updates! Check out the Etsy shop to purchase one. And follow Nerdy Robots on Facebook and Tumblr or nerdyrobotsjewelry on Instagram. The ships are: Tonks and remus - 2 Harry and Ginny -2 Queenie and Jacob -2 Draco and Hermione -3 James and Lily - 1 Ron and Hermione - 1 Marauders - 3 Newt and Tina -1 Snape and Lily - 1 Luna and Neville - 2 Boxes will ship in less then a week Boxes will be free shipping in the US. International shipping is just 15 US dollars. They will be sure to satisfy the shipper in all of us!