Thanos Inspired Crystal Bracelet

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I really don't like Thanos but I did have this cool charm so I gave him crystals in all his stones. Which I think turned out pretty awesome. I even works for guys because every crystal is just his stones. I was going to do them in the order he collected them but no one recorded that on line and I couldn't bring myself to watch the movie again. So you get them in glove order if you do know the order and want it like that I'm always up for customs. This is a small simple bracelet for people who don't really want something huge but just a nod to there fandom. More characters will be coming in this style as well. Its totally hand made so you know each one is made with love and can be made to fit any size wrist or even into a necklace. It's 8 inches but can be made to fit any size. This item is not Official Marvel Merchandise but a fan work inspired by the fandom. Each item is made to order so may vary slightly from the one pictured.