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Black Butler Inspired Character Loaded Bracelets

Black Butler Inspired Character Loaded Bracelets

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I made the Black Butler characters each into a loaded bracelet I wanted to spend a special time on each bracelet. Each one tells the story of the character and the shrink charms are all coated in UV Resin. Every bracelet had their names stamped by me.

Choose from Sebastian, Ciel, Grell, Lizzy, or Undertaker

Sebastian- Sebastian's colors are black, red, white, and purple. His consist of a pentacle to represent his contract symbol, a feather to represent his true demon form, a chocolate bar because he's always trying to feed Ciel chocolate and since he put chocolate in his curry, a piece of cake topped with his contract seal, a butter knife since he oftentimes uses a butter knife as a weapon, and teabag since he brings tea to Ciel

Ciel- Ciel's colors are purple, black, blue, and grayish-blue. His charms consist of a sword since he uses one and has stabbed a few people with one, a blue rose since roses show up in official art a lot and also to reference the times that he has one pinned to his chest, a pentacle to represent Sebastian's contract seal, a macaroon with the contract seal also on it, and a gun since he uses a gun

Grell- Grell's colors are red, black, and white. Her charms consist of a tube of red lipstick since it seemed fitting for her character, a film reel since she's a reaper and when they take the souls of the people they are assigned to their lives show up as movie reels, a red heart to represent her love for Sebastian, a pair of red glasses since a pair of spectacles are very important to a reaper or so William says, a chainsaw to represent her death scythe, and a red float topped with her death scythe

Lizzy- Lizzy's colors are blue, pink, and yellow. Her charms consist of a mirror since she wants to look cute, a cup of tea since she is seen drinking tea, a cupcake topped with a rose, a teabag again, to reference the fact that she is wealthy enough to frequently drink tea, a sword since her mother taught her how to use swords from a young age and that is now something that she is very skilled in, and a pink heart because she is obsessed with all things cute

Undertaker- Undertaker's colors are gray and black. His charms consist of a black moon, one of his many mourning lockets, a film reel since he's a reaper and when they reap the souls that they are assigned to the person's life shows up as movie reels, a book, a cinnamon roll with his death scythe sticking out of the top, a tombstone to reference when he was sitting on top of Sebastian's grave at the end of the Phantomhive manner murders arc, and he has two end beads that are skulls to reference the one on top of his death scythe
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