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K-Pop Boy Group Gift Set Second Wave

K-Pop Boy Group Gift Set Second Wave

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Gift sets are perfect gifts for the holidays. We have the first boy groups up first check out the site for more under K-pop


Gift sets are perfect gifts for the holidays. We have our first wave of boy groups up. Check out the site for more under K-pop.

Each gift set comes with a light stick charm with the ability to stamp your bias on, a charm bracelet for the group, and a custom-made rose and rain-scented wood wick candle created by Serpent and Flame for this box. The items will not be sold anywhere else.

The groups are as follows each bracelet has charms based on songs and album covers the beads are in the colors of the groups. We added in some older groups for this set and some others we didn't put into the first THERE are MORE GROUPS IN OUR STORE

Lightstick charms - beads in band colors, band name, and fan name, your bias will be stamped at the bottom.

NTC - bracelet in their colors charms are a music note, Mic Dream Stamp, U stamp heart, and 127 so we covered all the groups.

H.O.T. Or Highfive of Teenagers the group that started it all, we used their whites and the colors from Candy for this bracelet. Their charms
are a castle ( outside Castle ) an angel ( because their fans are called white Angels ) a bird, a gun ( since their concept was to fight violence ) a wolf, and a candy heart for Candy.

Monsta X- Beads are Pink blue and teal, charms are a mic, a clock, a heart an alligator, an X, and a moon.

Shinee- colors are light blue teal and white. their charms are a camera, candy bar, paw, phone, star, and lighting.

EXO - beads are in silvers and greys, charms are a planet, a pill, a hexagon, a heart, a star, and a diamond box bead.

TVXQ - beads are silver and red, and charms are yellow hear a sun, a balloon clock, a palm tree, and a star.

Thanks for looking let me know if you have questions. We have girl groups and other groups in the set of the first wave under k pop on our shop.

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