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Dean and Pharm UWMA Series Loaded Bracelet

Dean and Pharm UWMA Series Loaded Bracelet

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I started watching Until we meet again and I have to say I'm obsessed, it's such a good show. I made this bracelet for Pharm and Dean. I have Team and Win in another listing if you're looking for them.

Dean and Pharm's bracelet has beads in reds and whites, the charms are, Pharm's yellow backpack, a swimming person ( for Dean ) a dog Tag ( for the dog tag he gives to Pharm.) a key ( to Pharm's flat) Silver wear ( for Pharm's cooking ) and a red bow ( for the red ribbon of fate for them. This is a perfect bracelet for any fans.

I can do customs for other couples or characters just let me know.

Penny gives you an idea of the size.
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