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Death Note Character Bracelets

Death Note Character Bracelets

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We finally have Death Note Braclelets! 


Light- Light’s colors are red, gray, and black. His charms consist of a police badge since he works closely with the task force and his dad is the chief police, a skull and crossbones since he’s killing people, an apple since he feeds and buys multiple apples for Ryuk during the series, a death note to resemble the one that he uses, a set of handcuffs since he gets handcuffed to L for a little bit during the investigation, and a clock to reference the watch that he uses to hide a page of the death note in

Misa- Misa’s colors are pink, gray, and black. Her charms are a mirror since she wears makeup and cares about her appearance it felt fitting to give her a mirror, a skull and crossbones since she’s also killed people using the death note, a cross since she is seen wearing this symbol a few times throughout the series, a rose due to roses being a symbol for misa, a death note to reference the one that she uses, and a purse to resemble one that she is seen carrying

L - L’s colors are blue, white, and black. His charms consist of lots of candy and sweet treats since he’s seen multiple times eating them and he’s often associated with things that are filled with sugar, a set of handcuffs since he handcuffs himself to Light during the Kira investigation because he doesn’t trust Light, and a chess piece because the chess metaphor is highly used within the series

Ryuk- Ryuk’s colors are red, silver, and black. His charms consist of wings on both ends of the bracelet to symbolize his own wings that he has, a red star, a skull and crossbones since this is oftentimes a symbol associated with death and Ryuk is a shinigami also known as a god of death, a death note to resemble his own and the one that he drops in the human world, an apple since apples are his favorite human food and also to resemble a little bit of Light in his bracelet since Light is the one who gives him the apples

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