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Falcon and Winter Soldier Bff Key Chains

Falcon and Winter Soldier Bff Key Chains

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*** NOTE I am currently out of Dog Tags for Bucky! I can do a machine gun in place of the tag I have more coming but I don't know when I will get them, if you want something else for bucky let me know! ***** YOU WILL GET A MACHINE GUN for now! thanks for understanding.

I made a bff key chain for winter Soldier and Falcon they are going to be my new ship I can already tell. These Bff key chains have my artwork as their costumes from the new show. I added glasses for Falcon and a dog tag for bucky. 

Their costumes come together to make a circle I also added stamped name tags for them but I can change those to you and your friend's names just message me it doesn't cost any more for me to do that. 

You get both key chains! Made of shrink plastic! Necklaces and Bangles are coming soon!

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