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Gavin and Nines Loaded Bracelet

Gavin and Nines Loaded Bracelet

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I am sinking into the Detroit becomes human fandom and I really love the idea of Gavin and Nines. The fact that they made a ship from two people who weren't in the game that much is amazing. So I made this bracelet for all those fans. It was an act of love.

It features, stamping tags of Gavin and Nines names, a tin can tag ( since the fandom uses this name all of the time ) A badge, a cell phone, coffee, a gun, the blue triangle, and beads in the color of the light on Nines head. I also used blue and black and white beads. I think this turned out amazing and I'm very proud of it.

Contact me for custom orders. ( I can do other ships from the series as well. )

This item is not Official Merchandise but a fan work inspired by the fandom.

Penny Gives you the size.
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