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Given Inspired Loaded Bracelets

Given Inspired Loaded Bracelets

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I am so in love with the anime Given and now I'm currently watching the drama as well. So I had to make charm bracelets for everyone. These are character bracelets but I can do couples upon request.

Mafuyu- his bracelet has beads in light orange, salmon, and white, his charms are, a star, his doggie, a mic, Yuki's Guitar, a snowflake ( for his name and for Yuki and a music note.

Uenoyama- I used his first name for the bracelet but if you want his last just let me know. Has a distortion pedal, a clock, a music note, a guitar, a cd cover, and headphones. His colors are dark blue, grey, and black.

Haruki- His colors are light orange, goldish yellow, and yellow, his charms are a cigarette, a treble clef, a cup, guitar, music note, and a can of beer.

Akihiko- His colors are silver, tan, and black. His charms are a music note. a cigarette, a cup, a drum set, a treble clef, and a can of beer.

Ugetsu- his colors are brown, silver, and black and black beads, he has a music note, a treble clef, a violin, a maple leaf, a cup, and a book.

penny gives you an idea of the size. Bracelets are about 8 inches but can be made any size, some charms are made of shink and are coated in a UV resin for long-lasting wear. But don't wear in the water as the chain will rust. If you have any questions contact me.
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