Harley Quinn Couple Chibi Key Chain's

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Harley Quinn Couple Chibi Key Chain's
Harley Quinn Couple Chibi Key Chain's
Harley Quinn Couple Chibi Key Chain's
The cutest Key chains or as I like to use them bag clips. I clip mine on to my purse or bag its a fun way to show off my fandom.

I have a new artist working with me named Clever, she decided to make us some Harley Quinn couples and a few of her

We have Harley and Joker Dancing -there outfits were inspired by the dancing with the stars costumes. I added a music note and a star charm.

Harley and Bruce - Harley's amazing costume from the Birds of Prey and Bruce! I added a rainbow bead and a paw charm for Bruce.

Harley Diamonds - Love this outfit so we had to add it, comes with a star charm and some beads.

Harley and Joker Arkham - Dr. Harley Quinn and Joker as her patient with a super cute kitten. This one is for all you Harley and Joker fans. Charms are playing cards, glasses and a cute bead.

Harley and Ivy - Featuring Classic Quinn and Ivy with a huge hug this is for all the Ivy and Harley Shippers. Features a bat man with the diamonds, and a leaf with Ivy's bead colors.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Made with Shrink paper the back is white. Very Durable

Penny gives you an idea of the size.

This is an item inspired by the Fandom and is in no way official merchandise.

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