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Hellva Inspired Character Loaded Bracelets New Style

Hellva Inspired Character Loaded Bracelets New Style

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I made the Helluva Boss characters each into a loaded bracelet I wanted to spend a special time on each bracelet. Each one tells a story of the character and the shrink charms are all coated in UV Resin. Every bracelet had their names stamped by me. I take custom orders so if you want Blitz and Stolas let me know. They're my favorite.

*****due to the handmade nature of the product there could be some variations in beads but they will be as close to the photo as possible.***

Bracelets are about 8 inches long but can be made any size, they can be customized for SHIPS or friends or whatever you would like. Just contact me.

I do not own any helluva boss characters if there is a problem please let me know and I will take this item down right away.

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