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Hunter x Hunter Inspired Loaded Bracelets

Hunter x Hunter Inspired Loaded Bracelets

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I made the Hunter x Hunter characters each into a loaded bracelet I wanted to spend a special time on each bracelet. Each one tells the story of the character and the shrink charms are all coated in UV Resin. Every bracelet had their names in the colors stamped by me, along with a stamped number in reference to the number badges that they are given during the hunter exam arc.

Gon- Gon's bead colors are green, gold, and black. His charms consist of a book in reference to the book/binder's that they use in the Greed Island video game, a stamped circle with Gon's hunter exam badge number, his greed island ring, a fish to reference the fishing rod that he carries, a boat to represent his home (Whale Island), and a turtle to represent the turtle that they see in the hunter exam

Killua- Killua's colors are purple, white, blue, and light blue. His charms consist of a chocolate robot because it's his favorite candy and in reference to when he went to heavens arena when he was a kid and spent all of his money on chocolate robots, a skateboard since he carries a skateboard with him during the hunter exam arc, a lightning bolt in reference to his nen ability when he emits his aura into electricity, his yo-yo that he gets made by his brother in the Greed Island arc, a stamped circle of his hunter exam badge number, and a heart to reference when he pulls the heart out of another person

Kurapika- Kurapika's colors are royal blue, red, and yellow. His charms consist of a jar of Kurta clan scarlet eyes, a heart because the chains that he uses with his nen can be wrapped around hearts, a piece of dangling chain because he uses chains and is referred to as "the chain user", a cell phone because whenever people try to contact Kurapika he never answers his phone, a stamped circle with his hunter exam badge number, and his the spike at the end of his judgment chain

Leorio- Leorio's colors are blue, green, and black. His charms consist of two medicinal symbols in reference to the fact that Leorio is going to school in hopes to become a doctor in the future, there's also a hundred dollar bill because he states at the beginning of the show that he's taking the hunter exam to get his hunters license so he can later sell it for money, there's also a suitcase to resemble the briefcase that he carries with him during the hunter exam arc, a stamped circle with his hunter exam badge number, and a tie to resemble the one that he wears himself

Hisoka- Hisoka's colors are bubble gum pink, cotton candy blue, white, and purple. His charms consist of a pink star and a blue teardrop to match those that he paints on his face, a deck of cards since he often uses cards in the show when fighting since he's able to infuse his nen into the cards, a spade, and a club to match the ones that are often seen on his crop top in the show, along with a stamped circle with his hunter exam badge number on it

*****due to the handmade nature of the product there could be some variations in beads but they will be as close to the photo as possible.***

Bracelets are about 8 inches long but can be made any size, they can be customized for SHIPS or friends or whatever you would like. Just contact me.
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