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JJK Character Inspired Loaded Bracelets

JJK Character Inspired Loaded Bracelets

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I made the JJK characters each into a loaded bracelet I wanted to spend a special time on each bracelet. Each one tells the story of the character and the shrink charms are all coated in UV Resin. Every bracelet had their names in the colors stamped by me.

Gojo- Gojo’s colors are purple,pink, white, and dark blue. His charms include a violin in reference to the one jujutsu stroll skit at the end of episode 23, a sweet since he started eating sweets to stimulate his brain but later on developed a sweet tooth, glasses similar to the ones that he wears, a lightning bolt and a hand-stamped infinity symbol to represent his cursed techniques that he uses, and a book to represent the fact that he’s a teacher at jujutsu tech

Megumi- Megumi’s colors are dark blue, red, black, and white. His charms include chopsticks since he likes food and Yuji has taught him how to make certain dishes, a book since he likes to read non fiction in his spare time, black and white dogs to represent his shikigami divine dogs, a jujutsu sorcerer button that is similar to the one on his uniform, and a sword to reference the fight during the sister school exchange

Yuji- Yuji’s colors are red, pink, maroon, and dark blue. His charms include a rose to represent the decay curse that Yuji and Nobara have to fight, a Sukuna finger since that is what gives him his cursed energy, a pair of fangs to represent the little Sukuna mouths that will pop up on Yuji when Sukuna wants to talk, a microphone since he likes to sing karaoke in his free time, a jujutsu sorcerer button similar to the one on his uniform, and a T.V to represent all of the movies that he had to watch as part of his training

Toge- Toge’s colors are white, dark blue, and light purple. His charms include a panda since Toge and panda are seen a lot together, a jujutsu sorcerer button similar to the one on his uniform, a snake and fangs since he is part of the Inumaki clan and they can be identified by the snake and fangs markings on them, a megaphone similar to the one that Toge will sometimes use to amplify his cursed speech, and an onigiri since he only speaks in onigiri ingredients as a precaution to not hurt others around him

Nobara- Nobara’s colors are light blue, dark blue, purple, and a yellow orange. Her charms include a rose to represent the decay curse she had to fight alongside Yuji, a hammer and straw doll to represent her cursed energy and cursed technique that she uses, a shopping bag since that’s what she likes to do in her free time with the money that she receives, a jujutsu sorcerer button to match the ones on her uniform, and a watermelon since that is her favorite food

Yuta- his colors are white and grey, his charms are a ring, a snake with fangs, Rika cursed form, a megaphone, a sword and a sorcerer button.

*****due to the handmade nature of the product there could be some variations in beads but they will be as close to the photo as possible.***

Bracelets are about 8 inches long but can be made any size, they can be customized for SHIPS or friends or whatever you would like. Just contact me.

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