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K-Pop Stay Kids Inspired Loaded Bracelets

K-Pop Stay Kids Inspired Loaded Bracelets

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Step Out! Show off your love for your bias in SKZ with these bias bracelets!
Each one of these has the band members hand-stamped in the middle with Stay and SKZ stamped in smaller circles on both ends of the bracelets. We wanted the bracelets to both match each other but also resemble and embody each and every one of the members of the band. They all have the same two red and white beads on the end but in the middle of the bracelets, they all have their own bead colors. Not only do they have matching end beads, but they also all have a microphone and a red and silver star to resemble the one in the middle of their lightstick

All Stray Kids Zoo characters are illustrations done by @paintedsloth_13

Bang Chan- Bang Chan's colors are blue and black. His charms include an illustration of Wolf Chan, and a dog to resemble his dog Berry

Felix- Felix's colors are black and white. His charms include a bar of chocolate since he likes sweets and baking and an illustration of bbokari

Hyunjin- Hyunjin's colors are black and white. His charms include a paintbrush since he likes to do art in his free time and an illustration of Jiniret

Han- Han's colors are red and gray. His charms include a cup of coffee since he likes coffee and an illustration of Han Quokka

Lee Know- Lee Know's beads are different shades of mint. His charms include a strawberry since he likes strawberries and an illustration of Leebit

I.N- I.N's colors are hot pink and white. His charms a paw print since he loves dogs, and an illustration of Foxi.ny

Seungmin- Seungmin's colors are different shades of purple. His charms include a bag of Cheetos since he likes hot Cheetos, and an illustration of PuppyM

Changbin- Changbin's colors are dark blue, gray, and silver. His charms include fries since he likes to eat fries and an illustration of Dwaekki

The Bracelet chain length is 8 inches

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