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KNY Demon Character Inspired Loaded Bracelets

KNY Demon Character Inspired Loaded Bracelets

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I have recently watched Demon Slayer and I thought that loaded bracelets would be fun. I wasn't wrong these turned out amazing and El helped me with art for them.

Tanjiro's colors are blue, black, green, and white. His charms include a shrink of the dragon that comes from his water breathing techniques, a wave to represent his breathing style, a crow to represent the one that he has when he joins the demon slayer corps, and Nezuko's box since he is always carrying it with him

Nezuko's colors are pink, white, green, and copper. Her charms include her box that Tanjiro carries her around in, a pink moon since being turned into a demon she's only able to come out at night, a pink bow similar to the one that she wears in her hair, and a set of fangs to represent the ones that she has after being turned into a demon

Inosuke's colors a navy blue, tan, and gray. his charms include two swords since he is a dual sword wielder, a wolf since he used wolves to reference for his beast breathing techniques, and a shrink of the boar that he always wears on his head

Zenitsu's colors are yellow, orange, white, and black. His charms include a pink heart to represent his love for Nezuko, a lightning bolt to represent his breathing style which is thunder breathing, a circle with three stamped Z's to represent the ones you would see when people sleep since he's able to fight while sleeping, and a sparrow to represent the one that he has named Chunatro

Rengoku's colors are red, orange, white, and yellow. His charms include chopsticks to reference the scene during the Mugen train arc when he is saying umai while eating a bento, a stamped flame since he is the flame pillar and uses flame breathing as his technique, a heart to reference the set your heart ablaze quote, and a sword to match the one he has

Mitsuri's colors are pink, white, and green. Her charms include a pink and green mochi dango since her hair turned pink because of all of the sakura mochi she eats, a pink heart to represent being the love pillar, a cat since a lot of her attacks are named after types of cats and she used to have a cat as a child, and a bag of pink sweets since she spends a lot of her money on sweets and her name also translates into sweet

Shinobu's colors are white, pink. blue, and purple. Her charms include a butterfly wing to represent the haori that she wears, a syringe similar to the one that she uses, an RX symbol since her parents worked in medicine so it's something that she picked up on and a butterfly to represent her breathing style and the fact that she is the insect pillar

Giyuu's colors are green, yellow, maroon, blue, and black. His charms include a crow to represent the old one that he has that gives him anxiety about being at the wrong places at the wrong time, a wave to represent his breathing style and that he's the water pillar, a fish to represent his favorite food, and a sword to represent the one that he has

Tokito's colors are teal, mint, black, and white. His charms are a sword to represent the one that he carries, a cloud to represent mist since he's the mist pillar also because he looks at clouds a lot, a teal heart for his twin brother, and an ax since his family were woodcutters

Tengen's colors are green. gold, red, and silver. His charms are one of his buff mice that he has, a blue heart to represent his three wives, a music note to represent sound breathing and that he's the sound pillar, and a sakura flower to reference the one scene where he's on a picnic with his wives and they are under the sakura trees and he pulls flower petals out of their hair

All the shrink on the bracelet will be coated in UV resin.

*****due to the handmade nature of the product there could be some variations in beads but they will be as close to the photo as possible.***

Bracelets are about 8 inches long but can be made any size, they can be customized for SHIPS or friends or whatever you would like. Just contact me.
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