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Loser Club Couples Key Chains

Loser Club Couples Key Chains

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Cris is back with the cutest Reddie and Stanbrough key chains I've ever seen. We have Reddie sharing a milkshake and Stan and Bill walking with a cute bird! I coated these in resin for long-lasting wear and shine I just love how it makes them shine. Even if it's hard to take photos of! If you notice imperfections in the gloss it's from reflections not on the actual key chain.

Stan and Bill have a heart charm and Richie and Eddie have a R+E with a bead if you want something else on them talk to me. I'll make it happen.

The losers come with a shrink Loser lover tag
Bill and Mike come with a bike
Bev and Ben come with a postcard.

This item is not Official Merchandise but a fan work inspired by the fandom.

Penny Gives you the size.
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