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Loser's Charm Bracelets

Loser's Charm Bracelets

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I thought each loser needed there own bracelet so I got to work. I can do mash ups to fav characters or ships. If you would like in this style just let me know.

We have with a mixture of book and movie but mostly I went by the movie since I feel like I really loved the characters from that.

  • Eddie- flashlight, inhaler, pills, lover cast, bike and Rx charm with beads.
  • Richie- Hawaiian shirt, balloons, token, glasses, bat and bike.
  • Bill-laptop book, boat, balloon, bike and Hi Ho silver stamped charm.
  • Bev- Balloon, bike, postcard ( stanpipe) key, scissors, and feather charm ( the key and feather are from the necklace she wears )
  • Ben- postcard, bike, book, balloons, year book page.
  • Stanley- shower cap, bike, binoculars, book, balloons, bird.
  • Mike- I love Derry balloon, bike, rock bead, book and phone ( since he is the one who makes the call, )

I had a lot of fun making these!

This item is not Official Merchandise but a fan work inspired by the fandom.
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