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Losers Club Art Charm Bracelet Kids or adults

Losers Club Art Charm Bracelet Kids or adults

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Cute bracelet for all losers fan featuring all the losers on this adorable bracelet. I created the losers using shrink paper and coated it with resin for long lasting wear. I did the loser's lover stamp in the middle with all the losers done with art work by Cris her losers are way to cute not to share.

We now have the adults as well! 

This is an awesome gift for any IT fan. I do plan on having the adults in the future.

Want just a few losers and custom charms and beads! I can do that contact me.
Its also slightly water proof but you should never shower or anything with jewelry. However it will hold up if it gets wet.

This item is not Official Merchandise but a fan work inspired by the fandom.

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