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Loser's Club Key Chains or Necklace Tags

Loser's Club Key Chains or Necklace Tags

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I have been wanting to show all the losers love each for a while now. These pendants can be key chains or necklaces. I have made one for each of the losers based on the movies and the books. If you want something else on there necklaces message me I can do beads and other charms to. I redesgined these now that I have more stamps to work with now. 

Each loser has a bike stamped on there tags 

  • Eddie - a inhaler and a pill 
  • Richie - Glasses and Bat charm.
  • Stan - binoculars and Bird ( Stan loves Birds in the book the movie they don't go into this but I can always give you a shower cap if you would like and the bird can be painted any color )
  • Bill - Boat and a balloon ( painted )
  • Mike - Book and resin balloon 
  • Bev - postcard and key 
  • Ben- Derry Stan pipe postcard and book

This item is not Official Merchandise but a fan work inspired by the fandom.
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