Oswald Cobblepot Inspired Loaded Charm Bracelet

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One of the best Characters on Gotham next to Nygma and the reason I can't stop watching is Oswald! I made a bracelet all things him. The colors are purple and black crystals. The following charms are added, Penguin, OS his name, Umbrella, Meat Cleaver, gun, car, wine glass ( as Oswald enjoys the finer things in life.) Crown ( he is king of Gotham after all ) Fish ( for Fish Mooney) and a skull. I will be creating bracelets for more characters of the show and of course one for Ed and Oswald soon. I can make this bracelet to your size if you add it in the notes other wise its about 8 inches can be clipped shorter as well. Due to the handmade nature of this product yours my vary slightly from the one pictured. Beads could have slight variations as well as some charms. This item is not Official DC Merchandise but a fan work inspired by the fandom.