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Pride Corset Pins

Pride Corset Pins

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I used the colors of the pride flags for the community. I made them into these cute little pins that you can wear on anything jackets, shirts or even put them on your purse or bag. They have the colors of the pride flag. I'm working on Aro and Poly right now. If you want a custom one let me know. They have a stick pin as you can see in the photo.

Each have a little stone I can make them with out the gem as well.

I currently have, Bi, Tran, Pan, Ace, Gay, Aro and Poly. ( I don't have photos of Aro or Poly but I will soon. )

*** Note a a percentage of all pride items will be donated to the Trevor Project. You can follow the donations on social media or contact me for more information. ****

I take custom orders penny gives you and idea of size.
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