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SPN Chibi Key Chains Couples and Groups

SPN Chibi Key Chains Couples and Groups

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Clever has done it again, she has created the cutest SPN chibi's I have all the couples and groups you want but never see! 

These are fully loaded with Beads in the character's colors if you want them without beads note me it's totally fine. Note the beads might not be exactly as shown but they will be close. 

 Dean and Cas holding each other in a close embrace, what's stunning about this is Castiel's wings are black with rainbows. I added a wing and a gun. It comes in Green and light blue our ships colors. 

Sam and Gabe, Colors are deep blue and gold, I added a book for Sammy and a sucker and a sword for Gabriel. In this Gabe and Sam look to be arguing it's so them! 

Cas and Jack - Clever made Jack a little kid because we really missed out on that Cas is taking him to the park to teach him angel things! Blue and yellow for their beads they have a wing, a house ( for the home Cas gave Jack, and a sword. 

John and Marry- Heaven and Hell holding each other in an embrace, I used the impala with black and white beads. 

Sam and Eileen - holding each other in a cute pose, I loved her and we didn't get enough of her this is for all the shippers who need some love! I used red and blue beads with a gun for them. 

Sam and Rowena - I know a lot of people ship this, clever did such a good job with them. She looks like she is about to do a spell. They come with a cell phone and a cauldron. I used Purple and dark blue beads for them. 

Crowley and Rowena- she is clearly teasing her son in this art and he hates it of course. For them, I added a wine glass because they are classy, a skull and a devil's tail. I used black and red beads for them. 

Sam and Dean- ready to hunt in an action pose, I give them a beer, and a gun and a book. I used Dark blue and green beads for them. 

These are perfect for any fan and you can clip them just about anywhere! contact me if you want a necklace or earrings I can do just about anything with these and shirts are coming! 

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