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Suga Agust D Daechwita Inspired Bracelet

Suga Agust D Daechwita Inspired Bracelet

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If you need this rushed for the concert let us know.

This bracelet is inspired by the Daechwita music video, the beads are gold, silver, gray, and black. The charms include a chinese coin, a gold sword similar to the one he had in the video, a car, a chinese dragon, a small tag that has Daechwita hand stamped on it, and a shrink of Yoongi as a cat inspired by one of the looks from the music video drawn by @paintedsloth_13

The bracelet is 8 inches but can be made any size.

Due to the handmade nature of this product, there may be slight variations from the photo above but it will look as close to the photo as possible.
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