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Untamed Character Loaded Bracelets

Untamed Character Loaded Bracelets

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I finally watched The Untamed and then had to make these after watching the anime, reading the comic, and the drama. You could say I'm obsessed. I used their anime items because for the redraw it was easier however I love Lan Wangji's headband from the show so I added that in.

I'll start with their Ship Bracelet, we have a stamped WangXian tag in their colors, I added beads in Lan Zhan's colors with the rabbit charm, his sword ( coated in a sparkly UV ), and the wine he likes to bring to Wie Wuxian. On the other side, we have Wei Wuxian's bunny, his sword, and his donkey apple. The bracelet is perfect if you like the ship for these characters.

Lan Wangji's Bracelet, his beads are moonstone, with iridescent light blue beads, which to me are perfect for him. His end beads are a light white blue crackle glass. His charms are his name stamped and coated in a shiny sparkle UV, his headband, his Bitchen ( sword) a music note, and his qin ( also drawn by me and coated in sparkle resin ) His bunny with his headband and a cloud stamp for cloud Recess.

Wei Wuxian's bracelet his beads are dark red crackle glass, and back his end beads are lava rocks ( for his burial mound days. His bracelet has a tag ( it will be spelled Wei Wuxian I errored here lol ) with music notes around it. His sword is on here, his wine, his donkey ( apple ) I have his flute with a sparkle UV resin, and his bunny and a music note.

The bracelet has some longer charms so if you want something less long I can just do silver swords, and things let me know. Also, I do customs so let me know if you want other characters as well.

*****due to the handmade nature of the product there could be some variations in charms or beads but they will be as close to the photo as possible.***

Bracelets are about 8 inches long but can be made any size, they can be customized for SHIPS or friends or whatever you would like. Just contact me.
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