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Yi City Trio Stickers

Yi City Trio Stickers

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I drew my three faves from untamed, I love the Yi City arc so much even if it breaks my heart. I wanted to make some stickers with some of the quotes from the show.

The stickers are coated in clear vinyl I have a few options, holo, clear, stars, or sparkle. this makes them waterproof and you can put them on anything and they are vinyl so they should come right off anything.

I have Xue Yang, his sticker says "I don't fear death, only boredom/living without a purpose.

Xiao Xingchen sticker says "no matter what happened afterward, since right now you life is fairly adequate, there's no need for you to dwell too much on the past. "

Song Lan sticker says "if you need us for the sake of the world one day, we would not decline then. "

You can get them without quotes just note me, also I have songxaio, xuexaio and the three of them as well.
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